My biggest hobby are people. I enjoy to observe them, to meet them, to talk to them, they are just amazing creatures. 

My drive to tell stories takes me back to my childhood when my grandfather showed me his photo work. Already back then I was fascinated by the images and the stories he got to tell about them. I come from a family where we don’t avoid discussions about society. Concerned about injustice and a need to fight against it inspires every story I tell. 

Intuition and pleasure are behind every project I make. Always chasing people and interested mostly in portrait photography, my work is about establishing relationships through the camera and share real stories. Exclusivity, the role of women in society, Slutshaming and exploitation in the beauty industry are my main topics. As long-term project, I am working on slutshaming, a Dutch visual research about digital shaming, education around sexuality and the double sexual morals we need to get rid off in our society. 

Sintlucas 2015-2018

Royal Academy Of Art 2018 - 2021 

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