I can buy a cup of rice because I sold my hair

I can buy a cup of rice because I sold my hair is the most recent (ongoing) project that I have been doing. Coming from fashion with a heart for beauty and aesthetics, there are things bothering me. I found out about 'Black Gold' and went doing research in The Netherlands and India. 

Black Gold

Last summer I traveled to Sri Lanka. Once I was there I was fascinated by woman having long, curly and shiny hair. I found out Asian hair is called ‘black gold’ and for this ‘black gold’ there is a huge market to be found in Europe, the US and even South America. This hair is pure and has a fantastic length.

Is this product really that beautiful or are we being mislead by marketing? Once in India I saw with my own eyes how this product, grown for years by woman who then sacrifice this to the temple is actually a business transaction. The longer, the heavier, the more money it delivers to the ‘human hair exporters’, as they call themselves. 

When seeing the end product we see something beautiful that us woman can attach to our appearance, without thinking once or twice where this is coming from. Don’t all woman in the end care about their hair? In 1 way or the other?

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